Seca 606 Electronic Veterinary Scale

  • Seca 606 Electronic Veterinary Scale
    Seca 606 Electronic Veterinary Scale
    Floor And Digital Scales
    The Seca Electronic Veterinary Scale is an extremely accurate and dependable scale for weighing pets.The TARE Function allows a small animal to be weighed in a basket.Simply place a basket on the scale, tare out the basket and place the pet in the basket. Only the pets weight will show.The Dampening Function ensures reliable weighing of calm animals, restless animals and very restless animals.The scale's rough surface consists of scratch-resistance plastic and is very easy to clean.The anodized Frame Construction and the sealed wooden plate at the bottom of the scale make the scale highly moisture resistant when the floor in the veterinary practice or clinic becomes wet.The intelligent Auto-Hold Function will continue to display the animal's weight after it has left the scale.The battery capacity is sufficient for 16.000 weighings.The scale turns off in 2 minutes when using batteries.Capacity: 220 lbs / 100 kgs.Graduations: 20g 50 kg 100 g / 1 oz. 2 oz 4 oz.Tare Range: 220 lbs / 100kg.Platform Size: 35.4 x 23.6 x 3".Weight: 30.8 lbs.Power Supply: 6 Batteries / AC UL adapter optional.
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