Cooper Potocky Needle 27g 6/bx

  • Cooper Potocky Needle  27g  6/bx
    Cooper Potocky Needle 27g 6/bx
    Disposable Needles
    Cooper Surgical Inc
    Features of the Cooper Potocky Needle: Cervical length and tissue density can make injection difficult with standard needles. This unique needle was specifically designed to solve the problem of applying injections to the cervix. The Potocky Needle with its reinforced and extended shaft makes cervical application an easy process. The Potocky Needle is designed for injection of solutions (such as 2% Lidocaine with or without 1:100,000 epinephrine) into the cervix and vaginal wall. Local anesthetics are indicated in office diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as electroexcision, electrofulguration, CO2 laser excision and vaporization, and in some patients, endocervical curettage and cervical biopsies. The disposable 27 gauge Potocky Needle measures 9cm in length and has a reinforced shaft to prevent bending during injection. The needle is used in the application of intracervical and intravaginal blocks. The threaded Potocky Needle is used in conjunction with a cartridge dental-type metal syringe.
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