Madsen Capella Oae System

  • Madsen Capella Oae System
    Madsen Capella Oae System
    Ear Care
    Gn Otometrics
    Features of the Madsen Capella OAE System: The Capella system combines three types of otoacoustic emissions (OAE) testing with screening tympanometry and infant hearing screening in one portable PC-based system. Distortion Product OAE, Transient Evoked OAE and Spontaneous OAE tests. Lightweight probe for all measurements. NOAH-based software for integrating OAE data with other audiologic test data. Echo-Screen TEOAE infant screening module. Screening tympanometry module with both 226 Hz and 1000 Hz probe tones. Battery version and carrying case for complete portability. Includes: DP & TE OAE collection / analysis software, Portable Capella Module with Probe, Set of reusable probe tips. 1 Year warranty.
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