Venotrain Sport Socks Long Black Small

  • Venotrain Sport Socks  Long  Black  Small
    Venotrain Sport Socks Long Black Small
    Orthopedic Sports Therapy
    Bauerfeind Usa
    Features of the VenoTrain Sport Socks: Effectively helps you enhance your performance and improve your endurance. Helps your legs recover quicker. Excellent moisture-wicking action helps prevent blisters from forming during long-distance runs. Reduces swelling in your legs, particularly during and after physical exercise. Gives you a vitalizing, light feeling while you're running. Silver ions in the material used for the sole effectively fights odors and bacteria. Soft, wide cuff, stable heel, and reinforced antibacterial sole ensures durability and comfort. Ribbed knit with 50% microfiber feels soft against your skin (65% Polyamide and 35% Lycra). Graduated compression with 20-30 mmHg at the ankle and less compression going up your leg. Made in Germany with the highest quality standards. Size: Long (length is determined by measuring from the floor to two fingers below knee) - 15.75" or more. Small (determined by measuring a circumference at the ankle and the calf): 7 7/8" - 8 2/3" ankle and 12 1/5" - 15 3/4" calf.
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