Convaid Scout Basic Transport 16

  • Convaid Scout Basic Transport 16
    Convaid Scout Basic Transport 16
    Pediatrics Seating
    Convaid Inc
    Convaid Scout Basic & Scout Bus Transport These seating systems allow functionally impaired children to be transported in supportive comfort. Built-in lumbar support and 20 " fixed tilt at the shoulder level provide stability and promote good posture and visual alignment. The 121.2- diameter (32cm) knobby rear wheels provide superior traction and the hand-operated disc brakes increase safety and control while on sloped surfaces. The seat tilts 30 " from horizontal and the back adjusts to 85 " , 90 " , 95 " , and 100 " to allow for proper positioning. Standard features on both models include: Flip-up arm rests, three-point positioning belt, depth-adjustable crotch strap, removable/adjustable swing-away footplates, heavy-duty reinforced upholstery and toggle wheel locks. The Scout Bus Transport comes with bus/van tie-down anchors, an H-harness with padded strap covers and 8" (20cm) headrest extension. It is crash tested at 30 mph, 20g decel in a forward facing configuration using a five-point tie-down. A closure strap keeps the chair folded for ease of transport. Color: Electric Blue. Specifications of Scout Basic & Bus 16" Seat width (between armrests): 16" (40cm). Seat Depth: 13"16" (3340.5 cm). Seat back height: 25" (63.5cm). Seat to footrest: (min/max) 3512" 2212" (1457 cm). Seat to floor: 22" (56cm). Weight of chair: 35.5 lbs(16.1kg). Open dimensions: (W x H x L) 28"x 39"x 55". Folded dimensions (L x W x H) 5255" x 16" x 15" (140 x 40.5 x 38 cm). Weight capacity: 170 lbs. (77kg).
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